Vltima is a new age model & talent management firm. As a model management company Vltima maintains a sophisticated roster of beauty. The Vltima model is multifaceted and carries herself with a certain sprezzatura. We employ a personal approach to help guide and direct the trajectory of our models to ultimately attain a high-end career of longevity. In combination with our film and high-fashion editorial photographers, the Vltima roster enables us to design, unveil, and participate in massive campaigns and branding movements. 

Vltima believes in acting as a catalyst for social awareness and positive change in all that we do. Every small step can make a difference, and any message can travel farther than what was originally expected. Vltima acknowledges that Models are a global force; We recognize the unbridled reach of their image. As such, participation in charitable organizations and giving back to society in a positive manner is always at the forefront for Vltima and our talent. Uniquely aligned, Vltima surfaces the truest form of a model's beauty, while adding unparalleled value to our partnering companies and the lives of others.

More than a face. More than a model. More than a trend. The next wave.